Rental Form for Skates

Ken Hart provides a speedskate rental service for IndySpeed speedskaters in the greater Indianapolis area.

The cost for the rentals are $25 per month with a deposit of $175. Once the deposit is paid, $25 per month is credited towards your purchase of the skates. After 7 months, the skates are yours to keep. Skates will not be rented to non-members of IndySpeed Click on the link above for the skate Rental Form.

Due to the fact that the skates are not stored at the rinks, you will need to call 48 hours before you plan to attend a session. This will allow Ken the time necessary to get your skates ready for sizing or use. You will need to try on the skates before you skate because sizes and shapes of skates are different than street shoes or sneakers.

Ken has a small pool of Speedskating Boots, Blades and accessories that are also For Sale. These items are both new and used. In addition, Skates and Blades purchased from Ken can be traded in to upgrade or to allow growth for younger skaters.

Please call Ken evenings from 6:00 - 9:00pm at 1-317-870-7777, or contact him during a Training session.